Cloud for your Startups or Business

Whether you are running applications that share photos to millions of mobile users or you’re supporting the censorious operations operations of your business, a cloud services platform provides rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources.

With cloud computing, you don’t need to make huge upfront investments in hardware and spend a lot of time on the massive lifting of managing that hardware.

Instead, you can provide exactly the right size and type of computing resources you need to power your newest bright idea or operate your IT department. How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Benefits of cloud

Trade capital expense for variable expense

Instead of having to invest laboriously in data centers and servers before you know how you’re going to use them,only pay for how much you consume and you can only pay when you consume computing resources.

Increase speed and agility

In a cloud computing environment, new IT resources are only ever a click away, which means you reduce the time it takes to make those amenity available to your developers from weeks to just minutes. This results in a dramatic escalate in agility for the organization, since the cost and time it takes to experiment and develop is significantly lower.

Benefit from massive economies of scale

By using cloud computing, you can achieve a lower mutable cost than you can get on your own. Because usage from hundreds of thousands of customers are grossed in the cloud, providers such as Amazon Web Services can attain higher economies of scale which translates into lower pay as you go prices.

Services we provide in Cloud

  • App Classification & Upload
  • Title Optimization
  • Icon Review
  • Account Setup
  • Marketplace Classification
  • App Store Upload